Hello, my name is Neil Cartmell and I make music under the name of Dream of Sleeping. This is my first attempt at a website. Ok I know it looks a bit crap, but as long as you know that *I* know then it's not embarrassing.

This website is just so I have a place to dump any music or simple games I create, or the outcome of whatever my next hobbie will be.

I've now started a blog. I really need to make a navigation bar for this site!

Album Cover

May All My Delusions Come True

Released 11th January 2010, May All My Delusions Come true is the follow up to the 2003 self titled EP and Dream of Sleeping's debut full length album.

Songs were written, performed produced and mixed by Neil Cartmell, except for "The Longest Day" which was written by Chris Prosho, Neil Cartmell, Alex Fielding and Dan Bent many years earlier. Ooohs on Cracked Lips, Dry Skin were sung by Danny Lint.

Stream or download whole album on bandcamp or buy the CD.

Visit my Soundcloud to hear some highlights and a couple of other tracks that don't appear on the album.

If you want to hear badly produced, badly sung works in progress check out this page from time to time.

Click to  play Cannonball Cup Click to  play Mazefield Click to play 5 Second Clone Click to  play Custom Blocks Click to  play Arithbequick Surface Click to play Lava Jump Click to play Type The Alphabet Click to play Memory Game